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Meet our fish...

This is not a true picture of our fish Coby.
But it is as close as I could get. I hope to
have His REAL picture up soon.
Pseudotropheus zebra

 Cobalt blue
Maylandia callainos
B morph
P. zebra

About Our Fish:

Coby got his name because he is a
Cobalt Blue Zebra. And with all
the fish we have, we were running
out of names to call them.

Some Fishy Facts

The Colbalt Blue is aggressive and very territorial.
They can grow up to 12-15cm. or 4 2/3-6 in. They
usually prefer the middle and lower regians of the
tank. They diet is omnivorous, so they perfer flakes
with high proportion of plant matter, pellets, brine
shrimp, live fish. They also like fresh spinach,
lettuce, and algae. They like rocky caves and plenty
of hiding places.

The male Colbalt have conspocuous and clearly defined
egg spots. They also develop a hump on the forehead
with age. While the female usually doesn't have the
egg spots.


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