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Meet our fish... Convict

This is a picture of a female.
This is not a true picture of our fish Convict.
But it is as close as I could get. I hope to
have His REAL picture up soon.
Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum
AKA:  Convict Cichlid

About Our Fish:

I guess it is obvious how Convict got
her name. We tried to keep the names
really simple.

These are some other pics of Convicts.

Photo by Mo Devlin
This is a picture of a male.

Some Fishy Facts

Convicts are aggressive and can grow up to 15cm.
They perfer the middle and lower parts of the
tank. They rocky caves and plenty of hiding

Convicts are omnivorous, and like to eat flakes,
pellets, brine shrimp, live fish, and plant
matter. The male convict develope a bump on
his head as it matures. while the female has
orange scales on her front underside.


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