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Meet our fish...

This is not a true picture of our fish Kenyi.
But it is as close as I could get. I hope to
have His REAL picture up soon.
Pseudotropheus lombardoi
AKA:  Kenyi

About Our Fish:

Well there isn't much to tell about Kenyi.
She is still to small to be noticed much.
She is only 1 1/4 inches.

Here are some more pics.

Here is a picture of a pair. The female is
blue with black bars, while the male is yellow.

Some Fishy Facts

Kenyis are agressive fish which can grow
to about 12 cm. or 4-5in. They like to eat
vegetable flakes, algae, and small fish.
Do not clean the algae from the back and
side glass as this forms a large part of
the Kenyi's diet. Frequent water changes
are also needed because they are sensitive
to nitrate levels.

Breeding is usually easy. Kenyis are mouth
breeders. With a constant supply of good
food the females will be busy constantly.
The fry are released from their mother's
mouth after 3 weeks.


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