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Meet our fish...

This is not a true picture of our fish Stripes.
But it is as close as I could get. I hope to
have His REAL picture up soon.
Cyphotilapia Frontosa

 Mpimbwe Blue
Kigoma 7-Stripe

About Our Fish:

Well, when we went to the names
mentioned, but a very large well known chain...
we seen this fish. They had 2 different types
of fish in the tank but they didn't have any
pics up (which is always a big plus in trying
to identify fish).

So Eric asked the guy how much was the striped
fish. The attendent looked at the fish, the tank
and the tags. And told us $4.99. Well we jumped
at that and bought the only one they had.

And that is how we got our $25.00 fish for $5.00.

Some more pics:

Some Fishy Facts:

Fronts are extremely large, deep
water piscivorous (fish eaters).
They are polygamous mouthbrooders.
They are very peaceful fish, and
will not bother anything they
can't swallow.

Also a bump, or as I call it, a
forehead will develope on the
older males. (Eric thinks it is
cool and different. I am hopeing
it is a female.)


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