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Meet our fish...

This is not a true picture of our fish Ug.
But it is as close as I could get. I hope to
have His REAL picture up soon.
Photo by Mo Devlin
Cichlasoma managuense
AKA:  Jaguar Cichlid

About Our Fish:

When we first picked Ug out at the store, he
was pretty or I would not have gotten him. When
we got him home he had turned almost white, and
was real ugly. Thus came his name, Ug.

After a few weeks we noticed he changes colors.
When he comes out to eat he turns yellow w/black
spots. When stressed he turns whiteish gray w/light
black spots. When he hides or stalks prey he turns
almost completely black. He is really cool to watch.

His domain is in the back of the aquarium in the
tall plants. This is where he sits and watches and
stalks the other fish. We don't put any new
little Cichlids with him, because he started to stalk
them and we were afraid he would try to eat them.

At this time we have not introduced him into the world
of live eating. He is about 5" long so he is not fully
grown. We are still feeding him flakes, pellets and
frozen brine shrimp.

Some Fishy Facts

Jaguars are very aggressive and very territorial.
They can grow up to 10" to 20" in. Because these
fish can grow so big, weekly water changes are
necessary. They like all areas of the tank. They
like plenty of hiding places. They like to dig
Some prefer tall plants to hide when stalking
prey, but they also tend to uproot the plants.

Jaguars are carnivorous. You can start them off
with flakes, pellets, and brine shrimp. But once
they eat their first fish, it is all over they won't
except anything else. They enjoy small fish, and

The male Jaguars become much more colorful, with
the body color breaking up into blotches of black
and a coppery color. The females are thicker in
body, shorter, with a less pointed dorsal and anal
fin margins at the rear.

Breeding is very difficult. Jaguars pair off when
they are around 10cm. They defend the pair bond,
eggs, and young very aggressively. If you obtain a
pair within a larger group, you should remove all
others as soon as possible before they are bullied
and/or killed.


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