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Meet our fish...

This is not a true picture of our fish Yellow.
But it is as close as I could get. I hope to
have His REAL picture up soon.

Melanochromis auratus

  Electric Yellow

About Our Fish

Well I guess you can figure out where he
got his name. But I am sad to say he is
nolonger yellow. I now have a black/blue
fish named Yellow. That will through
everyone off. (LOL)

Believe them when they say you can't tell
the diference untill they get to about 3in.
I think That is when he started to turned
colors. He got kind of dark orange and then
just kept getting darker. At one point he
was an ugly blah brown color.

Here are some more pics:

Some Fishy Facts

The Auratus is territoral, and very agressive.
They like many rocky caves and other hiding
places to establish territories. They can get
up to 10cm or 4" in size. the females are
smaller. The Auratus is an omnivores, so they
enjoy flakes, small fish, worms, and pellets.

The male Auratus is larger, and his color is
black with light blue or white stripes. While
the females and jouvinile males are yellow,
with black stripes edged in white. As shown
in these pic.


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