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to Our
Internet Aquarium
Here you will meet our Finned Friends.

We have currently 33 of them. But we have had many
that have passed on to that big fish bowl in the sky, we
are sad to announce. Our now "winged" finned friends
will have their own pages too.
We, Eric & Dott, have 3 tanks that are up and running.
We have a 75 gallon that is a freshwater Cichlid tank.
It is home to 22 fish. The 30 gallon is a freshwater
"Live Eaters" tank. It is occupied by 4 fish. The 1 gallon
is a Feeder Fish tank for the live eaters. It is also home
to my baby Oscar Cichlid, which was too small to put into
any of the other aquariums.
Dwayne has a 20 gallon long that is also a freshwater
tank. It is currently a home to 4 of our fish since we
had no other tank to put them in.
Jenna has a 10 gallon tank. The 10 gallon is home to 3 fish.

Choose which of our many, many wet
friends your are interested in.

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