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Common Name: Green spotted puffer
Sci Name: Tetradon steindachneri
Max Size:
Feeding: Carnivorous

This puffer is call a Freshwater puffer, but it
is actually a Brackish water fish. that means he
likes a tank that is 1/2 and 1/2. It is a fresh-
water tank with a little salt water. But not as
salty as the Salt water tanks. Puffers like a
varyity food. It is best to provide them with
"crunchy" foods such as shrimp in shell, snails,
and other shellfish in shell. This will help to
keep their teeth ground down. Otherwise, the
puffer's teeth will grow until it cannot eat,
and will need to be filed down. And that is not
an easy job to do for you OR your veterinarian!
But they also need live food too.